Whether in Houston, across Texas or cross-country, Tomball Forest Express with its young truck fleet delivers the products our customers want when they need it. Our extra effort in care insures the product, full truck or partial loads, arrives in the condition our customer's expect. This type of operational excellence combined with a determined sales force driven by customer satisfaction provides unmatched customer service. Tomball Forest is the premier forest products supplier in Texas and beyond.

just-in-time inventory

In today’s market, the inventory supply channel has to be managed with the upmost care. Just-in-time inventory is allowing the market to manage inventory at incredibly low levels. Getting replacement supply is critical, and Tomball Express can assure it arrives on time and in good condition.

across Houston or across Texas, we deilver

Tomball Forest Express has semi- and small-trucks offering express service. Our fleet consist of 28 lightweight, 45’ aluminum flatbed trailers each allowing loads up to 54,000 lbs. Our expanding fleet along with professional drivers allows Tomball Forest the ability to maximize each load while providing unmatched, on-time deliveries and unparalleled customer service to a demanding marketplace.

Blue Sill℠ Borate pressure treated lumber is perfect for residential and commercial applications.
Vintage Pine
Vintage Pine
Pine Pattern Profiles

Edge Timbers™ are architectural quality beams intended for exposed construction. They are available in pine and western red cedar. Using a unique milling process, timbers are given four clean sides, eliminating mill chain stains, banding marks, oxidation, rail rub and water stains. »»»